1 Blogging assignment: What, if any, experience do you have with design research and what do you hope to learn from this course?

I spend much time in observing people and listhening to people to discover insights and latent needs. I’ve done observing, interviewing , shadowing and market research through internet. 
 As working as industrial designer i developed my process. My ‘Double OS and PTF’ process has 7 steps; Observatkon, Stories, Opportunities, Solutions, Prototypes, Tesing, and Final. First two stages( Observation and Stories) are geared to design research. Last year I designed new measuring spoon for bartending. I started off the project at bar on friday observing the bartender making cocktails. I visited again asked the bartender for interview. I founds insigts and opportunity through observing and interviewing him. I came up with new tool that might help bartenders. Then i talked with him for some feedback and also i could do some shadowing at his bar setting. I did three iteration of my design while i was keep talking with bartender. Finally i designed new tool that accomodates bartenders’ need.
Also in my undergraduate course called ‘design research and method’ I kept research journal documenting my interviews and observations and self experiments to find design opportunities.

Prior to these research i did for my industrial design process, i participated in conducting focus group research as marketing intern. 8 interviewees were in the room testing out new drinks and my team was behind the magic mirrow, which allowed us to see how they respose to the new drink while interviewees can’t see us.

From this course, I ‘d like to learn different methos and skills that can be applied to different field of design markets.  I assume one method may work differently in different realm of design market. A method will work more efficiently better in domain then the other. (I assume we need somewhat different skills for product desingn or service design or website design and more…)
By the end of this course, I’d  love to develop my capacity to wisely chose a most efficient method for given situation and constraints incluing time and costs!



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