04 Talk about any assumptions and stereotypes you may admit to have about your target recruit for your group project.  Then discuss how you plan on making sure your own biases don’t get in the way.

To begin with, my group is working on South west airlines. Our target recruits are airline passengers including non-fliers as outliers which is one of our four target groups; business traveler, leisure traveler , extreme, brand loyalist passengers. While my group were discussing about our target recruit I found myself guessing potential target recruits’ cases, then situate them in a certain context. For example, when my group was talking about travelers, we easy brought up a hotel. It is true that many airline travlers use hotels on their trips however it can be totally far from the my interviewee’s story. Assuming they are staying hotel may direct my preparation and my mindset especially in qualitative research.

My week point can be having postulations which corporates do often i heard. I found myself putting potential recruit in a context and made a possible stories. However story shouldn’t coming from me. I don’t have any story yet. As I listen and observe my target recruits, i will gradually build up stories from users. I think it is good be prepared to hear all kind of stories but i shouldn’t assume or expect certain scenarios.

My plan for turning off my biases and self-evoking thinking, I will pretend myself that i don’t have similar experiences as my recruit and focus on listening as if i know nothing about his story.  I’ll forget about my past experience, or use minimal to show empathy in ocassion, while i am doing interview. I’ll try to put aside my past experiences for later stage like analyzing  or interpretation or sometime later. I believe it will wide up my observation and listening which will permit to get my interview’s point of view.



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