[Ecoview – Southwest Airline]
05 Blog on 1-2 new ideas you have for creating participatory tools or other novel approaches that might be useful in your research project

My novel approach : The Receipt Diary

Gather all the receipts as your travel footprints!
Give my participant a note and a glue. Ask him to get all the receipts from every spending in his travel, and glue the receipt into the notebook. Ask him to add some notes by the receipt if he can.

A practice scenario could be like this;
Tom, who kindly said yes to participate in this research by sharing his travel receipts, is flying to boston this weekend. I give Tom a notebook and a glue. On the day of his travel, he takes subway to airport. At airport he gets a morning coffee with muffin, then he buys a magazine. Following my instruction he receives receipts and glues receipt of subway ticket, coffee, muffin, and magazine. In the airplane, he ordered special snacks. He gets receipt for if and puts into notebook. This time he wrote by receipt about his snack and the idea of purchasing something in the air.  After he arrives at boston he rents a car, toyota hybrid, and drives to his motel. At motel he adds his receipt for rental car and motel to the notebook. He adds his note saying how much he enjoy renting a car at new city. he wrote he prefers save money on hotel and budget the saved money on renting a small car.over time he adds more receipt and writings.

Later when he come back he will share his The receipt diary with me. Looking his receipt diary, i’ll ask some questions and have some conversation. I’ll make a copy of entire notebook, then give it back to Tom so he can also keep this piece of memory.

I believe receipt became one type of strong footprint of our daily life. It shows time and location. Most receipts have date, time, the name of the place, location, item one got, amount of money one spend, and even mode of payment.

One of our key question is aimed to see what trade off customers are willing to make for more nature-like travel. By using receipts as token of ‘experience + expense’ might produce insights for understanding how customers may decide.


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