06 Blogging assignment: What are the major pitfalls to avoid when it comes to interviewing?

My major pitfalls  in interview can be:

First, I as an interviewer, may talk too much to develop rapport and to show sympathy.
Sometimes my friends or counselors talk too much to express how well they understands me. In those cases, i get the point that they are trying to show me they are hearing me but sometimes it’s too much in limited time we have, which means the time i can talk about my story diminishes.
Likewise, I may spend too much time in the process of developing rapport or expressing my sympathy. It is true that developing rapport is very important, seems more important in anthropologic field study which takes couple month or couple years, and showing empathy is also important for rich conversation in interview, yet  interviewer should also be aware of given time. Once i, interviewer, start lose track of given time and not focusing on listening,  i may lose great information that i would need.

Next pitfall that comes to my mind is that respondent may talk too much on one topic, while i have many questions to answer.From my previous interview experience, for somehow, I had more interviewees who talk too much rather than talk too little. Once respondents open their mind and start talking, they may keep talk on a certain topic. Then i hesitated to stop him or to curve the topic, because interviewee may spill rich stories that i  may find unexpected insight from his long story. But now i’ll try differently in one hour interview session that we will conduct. I should not be afraid to interrupt gently to move on to next topics/questions. ( Lianne, Pam, Don’t  you feel this way in some cases? i should stop her and move on to follow my team’s discussion guide, right ? )



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