07 Example of good data organization (a website where large amounts of information is easy to find and access – in this case “information” can be music, art, products, data, etc). What makes this organization work for you? Be sure you link to the website you cite.

“Data is fairly worthless to most of us;it is the product of research or creation (3) “
“Knowledge is a phenomenon that we can build for others(3)”
“Effective communication must take into account the audience’s level of knowledge.(5)”
.                  – information interaction Design, Nathan Shedroff –

Good example i picked is TUMI, the premium bag company, website.
   This website has large amounts of bags and accessories. Finding a bag is easy and sophisticated in here. This site is working for me because it, first, help me to position myself to think when and how i am going to use this bag. Then it allows me to find the bag i need in many aspects even detail like laptop size. It let me find a bag that address both functional and aesthetically needs. Also viewing and storing after finding the  bag i want is easy.
      In this case information is products. Basically they show us variety of different product with information about products along with rationals of their business. All these information shown on website is data that transforms to information or knowledge or even wisdom when people find their perfect a bag at this site. How this happen is relies on how they allow users to organize the data, in this case the data is image and features of products.
In the article information interaction Design, Nathan Shedroff provided seven parameters of organizing. The parameters include  alphabets, locations,time, continuums, numbers, categories, and randomness. It seems TUMI uses categories and number,mainly for size, for searching products.

     It stars with pictureing how users will use their bags, hence giving us three big categories ; Travel, business, everyday. Under these upper categories, it has different sub categories. Once i open certain small category, every pages opens with extra five categories; collection, style, feature, material, color, price. In addition it has sort-by-options on the top of every search-page. This enable me to see the information i found as i like. Sorting standards includes price, best seller, and top rated.


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