08 Visit Information is Beautiful. (click title to follow link) Find an infographic you like and blog about why you like it. Be sure to link to the Infographic you like.

I love this Infographic.

It is great Inforgraphic with
+ logic of comparison,
+ use of size/ real estate of squares
+ composition of each piece of squares,
+ hierarchy by square in square,
+ distinction & relevance by color.

I deeply agree what he said as a subtitle for this post; ‘Billion spend on that. it’s all relative’. Often when a media criticize somebody by saying ‘ OOO used a great amount of money on this’ leaves me a question; it that really that much? Is that more than last time XXX spent? Naturally i wish i could compare with other cases.

To start with, this infographic does provide me information i wanted to see. In general i believe that comparing is a great strategy to process ample of data, so i give credit for let audience compare data floating around us. Along with appealing contents it hold, it also allows me for visual comparison in diverse field by using real estate of squares. The each size of the square roughly represents the amount. By a glimpse of the size of square i can compare.

Then i see how he made meaningful composition. The way the author composed small squares helps me to compare in fast manner. It shows well where Bill gate, Google, Facebook boxes are.  Also he positioned small square inside a square showing some hierchy. For instance, see the Walmart enaring box. Inside Walmart revenues(351), it has tiny box that shows its profit (11). Here i can read that Walmart profit is that much of their revenues.

Colors helps. Different category is identified with distinct color while relevant contents has same hue but different level. The squares pertaining to the Iraq war are all purple-ish and still distinct with other nearby boxes under different categories like orange or green. Beside informativeness, his use of colors are pretty enough to get audiences’ attention.



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