09 How are you and your team incorporating techniques like mode mapping and personas into your research plan?

ModeMaps represent the user activities and emotions which researchers discover during ethnographies, as concise visual story lines. “                         -Ron Pierce-

Mode mapping ties in with our approach for South West Airlines project. We are in progress to create info graphics that could be considered as a mode map. Bellow phrase exactly articulate what my team is doing.

“TPO ( Time,Place,Occasion ) patterns are what pique designers’ interest because they represent opportunities for design to influence a situation—either to fix a negative situ- ation or elevate a positive experience. “

We are heard many stories from respondent on frustrations  and good/bad experiences they had during their air travel experiences. Listening their frustrations, we found those can be improved which means it is good opportunity areas. As in-process analysis, my team classified each stages of flight experience, which is basically time based steps, with location;
01. Motivation
02. Planning
03. Research
04. Getting to airport
05. Check in
06.  Security
07.  Getting to gate
08.  Waiting
09.  Pre-baording
10. Boarding
11. In flight
12. Exiting
13. Baggage claim
14. Destination transportation
15. Vacation.

We planned to map out what level of frustration people had in each stages. in this way we can see what stage, at where people are having pain points. Also we notice respondents response differently in similar occasion. For example in flight, some people had good time while other person had terrible inconveniences. Through that we can find out what made it two experience differently, so we can find insights to fix a negative situation or elevate a positive experience.

Also given that fact that air travel experience accompany multiple steps , mode mapping will benefit to see the whole context. I believe the best benefit of mode mapping is to better understand the total context. In our research, or instance, a respondent shows high stress at claiming the baggage. With the mode mapping we can see the event in larger context. He/she maybe easily stressed out given long journey he/she had before claiming the baggages. in this way, we can better understand respondent’s emotions.



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