10 Blog on your favorite presentation from Pecha-Kucha (be sure to include a link to it in your blog). What makes this good storytelling?


It’s a presentation explaining about a form of gymnastic designed to depict architecture called Kenshiku-taiso, 6:40 minutes. Overall it has a great structure to introduce and pitch their project with good organization of appealing images that tells critical information of the project. In same time it also has humorous, fun mood in presentation including hand written looking font and photos of smiling people.
First, it has a great structure. I could easily understand what they are doing. The presentation leads me smoothly from the introduction to what they did, how they did and further implication with upcoming plans. Also their big texts on the slides assist audience to follow the organized contents. Bellow are big texts on the slide image consistently on the right bottom of the page which shows the structure of the presentation.

What is this?
This is Kenshiku-taiso.
Let’s try!
Think all together,
Change an eye for architecture

Along with good structure, they provide good amount of information with smart combinations of pictures and text. Their considerate color selection of background and texts even make it more expressing. Each slide has some text that explains the image. Having proper amount of a text on the slide is helpful than having no text for audience to develop clear idea about the project in given short time.
Text on the each slide is very helpful to follow the story. I found they are using 3 different text type; a big bold title-ish text, small formal text, and hand written style small text.The big bold text  is working as a title of the slide and the small text explains key points information as well as detail information related to the picture. This usage of text made the presentation more organized. Text in the slides felt like a bridge that connects the distance between the photos on the slide and the contents coming from presenters’ talk. It seemed like key information written on the slide helped me bridging the acoustic contents with the visual images to establish easy understanding.



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