mothers in vehicle

mothers in vehicle

A perception that the best cars for moms are minivans and SUV needs further investigation.

One who is ‘moms’? what’s their needs?
Two, what is minivans and SUV do better than others? what elements from minivans and SUVs address the needs of moms?

* is dedicated to providing women in general and mothers in particular with useful and entertaining new-car reviews.

Air  Plane
Then what about mothers who have to get on air plane with their young kids? what’s their best bet? I remember a story from a lady. She was heading back home from Germany to Korea with her big bags and a naughty but lovely boy.

“Sometimes other passengers are willing to help you out. But others look at you like you are the devil for bringing a child on an airplane,”

* Flying-with-little-children | by Scott McCartney | The Wall Street Journal – Mon, Nov 21, 2011



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