Hotcity proposal 02 brief

In most case temperature was reflected with the color, yet in this project we bring temperature in front of the map. It is focusing on hotter cities. Both height and size of the bubble help users to think about city in terms of  it’s temperature.

1. Data input from the natural environment: Temperature
* Data of 15 most populated Cities

2. Output visualization: City bubbles.
Data (Temperature) >>> Diameter, Y position.

a. Each bubbles represent one of 15 cities.
b. Size of the bubble represent a temperature of the city. Bigger means hotter.
c. y position(height) also represent a temperature of the city Higher means hotter. This is inspired by actual air which moves up when it gets hot.

3. Physical input : Potentiometer, Proximity Sensor (Maxbotix LV-EZ0)

a.  Potentiometer: as user turn it, it highlights one circle after another and show information of highlighted city.
b.  Proximity Sensor/ Maxbotix LV-EZ0 : When someone approaches a user comes closer to the sensor, bubbles will start moving

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