13. Blog on apprehensions or concerns you have about final presentation

To start with, I am very proud of our team and progress we made in last couple weeks.We as a team spent a lot time on our developing a story and rational that will help audience to follow resonate to the story. I believe our effort to have face-to-face& all-member-together meetings very often strongly helped.  My team is presenting 7th. I am a bit worried about audience getting tired by that time. So i ‘d like to  take more dynamic gesture and energetic voice to attain attention as well as provide my audience energy for engaging my team’s presentation.

Preparing for presentation, language was a bigger part that i thought . First, as a team, selecting the proper language that will explain our ideas fully was not easy. Second,  personally, using my second lanuage to presenting on stage added a bit more tension.

When we were talking with Long, we realized that some of simplified wording on slides and poster didn’t convey fully what we wanted to explain. Since we(team) alreadly spent much on on this project, we automatically assume some parts that help us understand simplified version of explanations which may not the same for our audiences. This week we try hard to chose the proper word by putting ourselves in shoes of people who doesn’t know about this project at all. I hope our selected words will convey well what we are trying to explain.

Conveying ideas in my second language, english was a concern. It made me extra nervous in one point. Especially when recall the fact that i can convey thoughts and emotions verbally better in korean made me  more anxious. However now i feel better accepting presenting as a different way of communication. Over practicing, i feel more comfortable and confident now. I feel i can do differently, not better or worse, than i speak korean. Different language means a different mode of communication. I hope my ideas as well as my passion would be conveyed to audience in harmony of the contents i present, voice, volume, facial expression, gesture, and small moves on stage.



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