14 Blog on best/worst parts of this course and how it can be improved

The best part was the fact that I was able to chose what I worked on for a semester because it was a great practice of what i learned from this class. My team chose South West Airlines for our project.  Personally, I have a big interest in personal mobility and vehicles. I feel i was able to learn both about how to conduct a design research and about an industry that i have a passion in. In other words I know how to do research, I’m sure that there are many things i should learn about research, as well as I know some of deep stories happening around airline industry. It was also a great practice for me to learn how to apply what i learn in this class in possible case that i look forward to work on in future as well.

Many guest speakers came in to class with great insights and examples. However, when they gave us feedback for each teams’ project, it was confusing to hear various, often very different, perspectives on our projects. I guess it happened because often we were not sure about what to do next or not sure weather we were in right track or not, so we were easy to shake. I envision that later, since now i know better on how research flows, I may digest various perspectives better.



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