GE Plastics’ – Lexan resin

Lexan FST9705 resin
GE Plastics’ high-performance Ultem** PEI flame-retardant resins

“The aircraft industry has long been looking for a flame/smoke/toxicity (FST)-compliant material with improved colorability,” said Doug Hamilton, product manager for Lexan Resin at GE Plastics
Previously, designers had to compromise between resin processability and compliance with the Ohio State University standard for heat release. Lexan FST9705 resin’s processability is similar to that of polycarbonate-type products. Its lower processing temperatures allow customers to avoid oil-heated tooling.
Aircraft interior suppliers have been challenged in the past to produce parts with reflective surfaces to optimize LED lighting in aircraft interiors. To counteract the yellowing common to many resins, these parts have required secondary painting operations to achieve a bright white color. GE’s light-colored Lexan FST resin can easily be prepared in bright white or any other color prior to molding, eliminating the time and cost of painting.
GE’s Lexan FST resin can be injection molded or used in profile extrusions. Potential applications for the new material include: stow bin threshold trim; personal service units; window reveals and bezels; decompression and speaker grilles; and magazine racks.



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