Bd 02 Innovate within company

02 Blog on whether you’d prefer to create your own business or innovate within an existing company. Explain which personal traits or preferences make you feel this way.

I’d prefer to innovate within an existing company or any organizations.

A year ago, I had conversation with a exceptional chef Chris young in a extraordinary creative conference called EG. I asked him whether he wants to open his own restaurant, actually I was expecting yes in my mind at that time, interestingly he said no. He explained that he wants to keep work at a restaurant as a chef and do more research on food and create new dishes. If he runs his own restaurant, he has to think about all other things and spend a lot of time on those. Now his answer speaks so well for me.

I want to focus on designing, and spend more time on observing and talking with people.

I have a strong responsibility. For instance, if I have only an hour, and I have to do either my individual assignment or group assignment, I would work on group assignment so i can contribute to not just myself but my group, which benefits more people as well as not injure other colleagues’ work. In most time, I am willing to put my thing aside to benefit bigger group of people. I’ve learned from the history that this utilitarian mindset is not always good but I do act in this way very often. If I start my business with employees, I envision myself as a very responsible CEO. Given my trait, my priority role would be a leader of whole company making sure that my business is doing okay as well as my employees are doing okay so I can pay well to feed their families rather that of designer.

Additionally, I want to show how designers can contribute in the collaborations. I am a big believer of collaborations and team work. I see myself as cross pollinator type designer. In order to find connections, I first try to understand the context fully. I love hearing about other people’s work and life stories. I am not afraid of introduce myself to colleges at conferences or special events. Overtime I‘d like to develop my sensibility to contribute to innovation as a designer in larger context. I want to be a part of proof that designers can think logically and listen well to both, internally, colleagues and, externally, what’s going on society and create something that really matters to people so that it generates solid profits to the company.

When I imagine about staring my business, I feel urgency but I don’t get excited much as when i think about running my design team. Even though i say I prefer working in company rather than running my own business, I do dream to be a director of my team that performs great design thinking process and become a leader as design expert.


One thought on “Bd 02 Innovate within company

  1. Thanks, Nuri. Your insights about your characteristics and your interests are mature and seem accurate. Your skills suggest you would make an excellent team manager within an organization – and that role offers plenty of opportunity to be influential.


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