Bd 03

03  Blog on cultural or technical trends that are influencing you now. How are they changing your behavior or beliefs?

Yes. Cultural trends influenced my interest in mobility and my pursue of studying design, while technical trends changed my beliefs, hence my behavior.

First, it influenced my major interest which is human experience and mobility. I read about people becoming nomads in this era which means we move a lot. Then, I got more interested in human experience and mobility. We are constantly on the move now, which means personal mobility and fluidity have become central parts of our lives. Digital technology, such as teleconference, allowed us to travel less however it also enabled us to be free to move while we get work done. I’d like to explore human experience in transitions to discover the possibilities within transportation and what future may hold in relations to the next generation aircraft, trains, and automobiles.

Second, influence is more motivational and personal. The fact that potential increase in women power and need of innovation in all the organization from small to big, provided me confidence to pursue study design in San Francisco risking my supposedly stable life back in Korea, where good marriage was highly related with young age. I believe designers have a lot to offer in terms of innovation and creating something novel which many organizations need to move from their algorithms and binary arrangements one step ahead.

Also technical trends is changing my beliefs, hence my behavior. Thanks to digitization of everything and the impact of ubiquitous wired lifestyle, computer literacy is becoming central part of our life. The proper level of computer language and coding will be very helpful for any industry. So, I started learning about the digital world as well as computer programming and a little of coding.



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