Ixd Theory 03 Conversion

What type of change interaction designers make?

I recall my  middle school science class.

Grape >>> wine : Chemical conversion
Water >>>  Ice : Physical conversion
Data >>> information  :_________
Technology >>>  service : __________

Now i recall philosophy class and Plato.
the analogy of cave and the real world.A man was in cave, he had happy life but one day he found out the new world out side of the cave. Then he debates whether he will tell his people in cave about this new shiny new world. Today the cave is our real world and the possibilities with our advance technology is the new world out side of the cave that many never-experience-yet people are not aware of. Or maybe vice versa.


One thought on “Ixd Theory 03 Conversion

  1. This is a nice way to start an original contribution to design theory. I encourage you to reflect on the questions you raise and develop a strong point of view on them. Also, I encourage you to connect the thoughts emerging from science and philosophy class together more explicitly.

    In reading this entry, it strikes me that perhaps your calling as an interaction designer is to show people the new world “outside the cave”!


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