Ixd Theory04 My Flavor of Ixd

Interaction designers render a new culture. Often in the beginning, the new culture is thought of as an alternative, but soon it transforms into the lived culture that many people share through interaction. Think about ATM, it must be weird machines when it first came out to people. Now it’s a important part of our daily lifestyle.

In this era, we have so many things, both tangible and intangible things including technology, but we are missing connections. Eventually, everything connects: people, ideas, objects and the quality of the connection is the key to quality per se.  By finding links between two different parts we can find creative solutions for a new culture. To me, interaction design means finding those connections and mapping them so users can find a meaning so we can uniquely apply to promote the quality of everything.

This idea relates to the previous post where i mentioned that in the process of creating a meaning, revealing association is important.What type of name is easy to remember? Or what type of event stays longer in your mind? I believe the answers to this questions are something that are related to us. We easily can reference with hing that is already familiar to us, whether it’s people or an emotional aspect.

Interaction design deals with a vast range of technology. I think it is very similar to education. Providing a new service or product is, in a way, providing a new schema  and requires adaption and adaptation. The use of consistency to bring association into design is very similar to the use of “scaffolding” in developing curriculum in education.

In the process of bringing meaning to technologies, we have to find the connection between the technology and the potential user, so it is easy for users to integrate the new schema and find experience smooth adaptation to the new service/product, or new culture. This empowering flavor of interaction design fascinates me.



One thought on “Ixd Theory04 My Flavor of Ixd

  1. Some nice thoughts here Nuri. You seem to move through a number of distinct ideas. I encourage you to either pick a single idea that you can explore in great depth, or help the reader transition more smoothly between your ideas.


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