Ixd Theory05 A change in distance

02_01 Pick an interactive product you use regularly and discuss how the interactions would change if you suddenly interacted with it from a very different distance. Besides the actual points of interactivity, how would the product as a whole change as a result of the new interactive distance?

Take my laptop. I often watch news or tv shows on my computer. Normally I place it on my desk. Most of the time when i use my laptop, i am very close to it.  When I envision using my laptop from a distance, I see myself relying more on sound than vision.
I can imagine having a remote control similar to the remote control we currently use with a TV. Then, I’ll want the monitor to rotate so I can adjust the view to my location. I’ll have mobility and distance while I’m interacting with the computer. Also I’ll allow myself more flexibility in the relation to receiving the output, untied from the responsibility of catching every word.
Along these lines, my emotional relationship with this product will change with distance. Laptop from a distance feels less personal, or less private. When my laptop is right in front of me, it feels emotionally close to me, like a close friend. When my laptop is close to me helping me, it is interacting with me and remembering the sites that I go to everyday. There is a level of intimacy.
Interaction entails multiple sensory experiences and interactive distance defines/ prioritizes which sense I ‘ll use at the moment of interaction. As I stated above, a change in distance involves the users emotional proximity towards the interactive product.

One thought on “Ixd Theory05 A change in distance

  1. Nice entry Nuri. There can definitely be an emotional shift when you change the distance of interaction. You make a nice point about how the farther you move from your laptop, the less you have to take in each detail, which in turn makes the relationship less intimate.


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