BizD 05 Pitche Lessons

05 Blog on your most favorite and your least favorite pitch from “Eleven Startup Pitches”– tell us what specifically you like about your most favorite pitch and what you dislike about your least favorite.

Set the contents of the startup aside, I like the way Chewy pitched the most.
-Engaged, Compared + Good voice (tone), Confident.

He had great introduction through engaging audience, then providing numbers to support his business briefly. He explained his concept of this company, then compare with the seemingly competitor in market which is also the one most people know allowing us to get more specific picture of his business. Comparing helped me to understand his business as well as defining what they can offer to customers diffidently. Most attractive part was he sounded that he know what he is doing as well as excited and confident about his confident.  His voices and the tone he conveyed the idea appealed to me.

My pick for ‘dislike’ is not the least one, actually the second good, but bothered me a lot because it was close to good but not appealing. Similar to chewy, Sitting Around had nice structure to follow what is the problem and how they are solving providing the scenarios. It was easy to understand the concept. But their contents is already a bit cliche, and the way he presented or his tone was very calm. Combining the flavor/tone of the contents and the mood of the presenter made it sounded not exciting idea. The lesson here is along the great structure of the contents, the mood/ nuance / should speak that I am seriously passionate about my new business.

* What is a difference between partners and affiliate?
Partner is owner of the company. Partners share the ownership of the company
while affiliate doesn’t. Investor can be part of the owner of the company but they don’t get to run the business daily.


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