BizD 09 Community, Environment and Finance

08 How can a designer contribute to a company’s financial discussions?

Designers can provide different perspectives & prototype skills to incorporate community and environment to finance .

Increased awareness of corporate malpractice in community and environmental area requires more sensitive and emotional perspective in rolling the money.

Designer may bring different perspective on community culture on how people value. This perspectives may allow company to find  potential loss by also checking non cliche scenarios such as extreme users that company should consider in budgeting.

In other aspect, designer were trained to make prototype to get more feedback in order to improve the final design to put on market. Maybe company can use this skill of quick prototyping to measure what degree the company should spend considering the the community and environment. For example designers can create some type of semi-working(fake) website that embodies a logic of a company’s budget on environment, of course not mentioning the company, and see how people react to those.



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