IxD theory 09 Solutions that substitute or supplement yesterday

09  Solutions that substitute or supplement yesterday
– Why interaction designer need to think MORE about how people think.

Cognition refers to thinking. It includes attention, memory, and  information process. Designers need to be good at meta-cognition, which refers to thinking about thinking .In order to develop effective mental model in products/ services, we need to think about how potential users would think in given situation. My observation made me to think why interaction designers seem to be more entwined with  cognition aspect more than other designer.
Interaction designers create a new culture for peoples’ everyday lives. Adopting a new culture always entails learning.
It’s not just a product that people put in their living room nor objects that will increase your assets over time. In most cases, it’s a service that changes how you live everyday.It changes what you did a month ago, a year ago. It does render a different life style. It’s not just adding one more product but substituting or supplementing to your past. Imagine someone is start managing his/her financial activities on computer. Now he/she has a new  touchpoint to meet his money, and  he/she will adopt a new way of banking. His/her trip to bank would decrease and the drawer that kept all the bankbooks might be used for other needs.

Interaction designers create solutions that substitute or supplement users’ yesterday and  improve people’s everyday lives. Often in the beginning, the solution is thought of as an alternative, but soon it transforms into the lived culture through people’s interaction with it. In this loop, users require to learn new scheme. Interaction designer can make the learning process smooth and pleasant.


One thought on “IxD theory 09 Solutions that substitute or supplement yesterday

  1. Very true that some of what we craft as interaction designers fundamentally changes the way people live their lives. We definitely have to think carefully about how people think – that is our tool to create products that are not only usable, but that connect to people in a manner that is meaningful enough to get them to shift their usual patterns.


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