IxD theory 08 Space and prototype

08 Space and prototype

Especially conveying the idea on what experience will be that incorporates the space, the prototype articulates far better than people.

A great example of usage of prototype is Teague Design’s collaboration with  Boeing aircraft. Recently teague designed a special lighting for the interior that renders whole new in-flight experience. Even though lighting was the key design elements, it couldn’t shine without it’s context. Fromt he early stage of design development, they made 1:1 scale prototype to see what lighting could be. Setting 1:1 scale prototype allowed them to understand the context of the design needs. How passengers feel when they first walk into cabin, then how users would interact while they are seating, or walking around. It helped to map out user scenarios related to the lighting which  inspired them to generate better solutions.


One thought on “IxD theory 08 Space and prototype

  1. Have you ever flown Virgin America? They put an enormous amount of effort into their lighting scheme, and it definitely makes a difference! It requires so much prototyping to get something like that just right.


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