IxD Theory10 LD and CD

10  Learning Disability and Color Disability

In my class, my professor taught me a great lesson. She told us that we should not just relying on color for identification. Simple but very true, I thought. It also inspired me to think about an association between students with learning disability and users with disabilities in using emerging interactive services.

There are students with learning disabilities, as the term reflects it refers to students who have difficulties in learning ability compared to other students. In education studies reported that the students with learning disability(LD) is largely determined by their language skills, because all the learning material was language heavy and  most of the questions and examinations to measure student’s academic abilities are written.

Is there any dominant skills like reading text in usage of emerging interactive services that influence one’s performance with the service?

As school material was text heavy, interactive services are very color heavy. I didn’t think about considering other options than color to communicate on the display. We are relying on color too much overlooking people with disabilities in colors. Starting with color, we, as designers should consider user’s unspoken difficulties in using the service due to high dependency in visual aspect.


One thought on “IxD Theory10 LD and CD

  1. I’m glad you took away the lesson that color can never be the only indication of an important fact. Actually, if you are creating an interface for a medical device that must be approved by the FDA, you will not receive approval if you have instances of color being the only communication mechanism.


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