BizD 10-2 Quit!?

How does leader ‘quit’
– Leadership and stepping down 

After reading Greg smith’s resigning essay, I seriously wonder what kind of leadership is to quit. How i should view a leader who chose to work away out the organization like Greg Smith did. In a way, it means “I can’t fix this”, “I  don’t see the hope in this organization”, ”it’s not profitable to pour the effort to fix it, so i chose not to fix but leave”, or “I am giving up the organization/community”.
In other end, it can be strongest statement invoking attention the organization need to way to report to people creating a chance to consider to fix the organization.

Yes. As Jeremy Girard mentioned in his/her article, with great power comes great responsibility and great responsibility also comes great headaches.
I recall the former president of korea Roh Moo-hyun. He  was a self-taught lawyer who lifted himself out of poverty to reach the nation’s highest office, Roh prided himself on his clean record in a country with a long history of corruption. He served as president from 2003 to 2008. In may 2009, he was having hard time with a corruption scandal that tarnished his image as a “clean” politician. He jumped to his death while hiking in the mountains behind his rural home.

It was shocking to me to see how he ended his leadership story. I see he must have deadly hard time but looking a national figure who was once a decision maker of whole country quitting his life like that was extremely sad and disappointing. Also it raised me a question of quitting and leadership.

Leaders like CEO, CFO, CPO, and more.can be different that figure like ex-president. However CFO must have dealt with a large amount of people and organizational culture in the process of becoming a leader. It’s all human matters.

Since i was young, I’ve heard  that knowing when to leave, when to step down is beautiful thing. How one know when to stop when other people is not wanting me to quit. I want to explore more actionable advice about quitting one’s position as leader in a organization.



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