BizD 11 Creativity & copyright

11 From the debate (link below), why Larry Lessig is right

To start with, every creative product has and should have the opportunity for copyright protection. However the copyrights should not be exactly the same as property rights.
Internet became like a default of our life, and internet has brought us revolution in communications technology which rendered the procedures of creation and production differently.
In digital production age, most of new creative work deals with technology. Many products and services would overlap with other products as a nature of the interaction happening among people. Today, new creation It’s not all of sudden invention. We create upon someone else’s creative works. A successful creativity shines, in most cases, when it has common aspect of exiting ideas because that clicks the users and appeal to the user in easy way. Also money maker in market is changing and the meaning and usage of a control in industry is changing. Even companies have less control over customers,  or I’d like to call as users. Recently we’ve seen many business using a concept of co-ownership, which is a great trend that shows how market is changing.
While new trends along with wired culture opens up a new mode of innovation,  too much control exercised by a relatively concentrated industry does harm innovation.


I have to confess that I couldn’t fully understand the debate yet, largely due to the language barriers on this particular area  and my meticulous characteristic over issue related to law, justices, and society. I’ve watched the video and was not sure and now i am reading the debate script trying to fully understand.Thanks!



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