IxD theory 11 interaction – The nature of problems of today

11 Why is interaction design so much wide spread? more democratized than other design disciplines?

Interaction design became crucial field today. Especially interaction is used in everywhere nowadays. It is a great ingredient for coming up with new insight to solve the problem or improve the status quo.

The increased highlights and interests attributed to the trend of the world we live in.
All discipline solve a problem one way or another whether its financial problem or intellectual problem or everyday life difficulties. Defining what is a problem greatly varies among different disciplines also a perspective on looking at a same problem differs. However the nature of problems have been changed today.  The problems became more complicated. Most problems are attributed from more than two aspects or out of existing patterns, and it requires close look at interactions between different aspects.
In order to find keys to  understand what’s happening in the intersections of different participants, we needed to take closer and deeper look.

Recently i was reading about a new trend of marketing as ‘inbound marketing’, and find the way they describe about it is very similar to what we say about  interaction design.  In line with this, TCHO, san Francisco based chocolate company, has position called  ‘interactive marketer’.

* The infographic below from Voltier Digital highlights the differences between the two kinds of marketing.

* The infographic below from Voltier Digital highlights the differences between the two kinds of marketing.

It seems a interaction is used as the same term as “understanding a user”.  I even envision interaction becoming a default in developing any kind of new product or new touchpoints in business in future. 

Often the term “interaction design” is used as incorporation of interaction and design.  However, I belive interaction designers are the ones who do the interaction design as one procedure,  not as ‘interaction + design’ but interaction design as one piece.


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