BizD 12 ideal company culture

12. Ideal company culture


A. Purpose driven company.
not performance driven nor time driven but the purpose driven company.I hope there is a channel that every employee can see how their mundane task is contributing to the company’s purpose.

B. Cultivating the community

As i mentioned before, I hope employees can see the meaning of their tasks, and in same time they can see the tangible benefit of their hard works as a organization. Not limited to their personal  paychecks but more as a group.

One dream I envision is 1/10 of company’s revenue, after paying all the employee’s salary, goes to the budget for cultivating community. I may be used to host a dinner party or purchasing better couch at the lunch room, better desks, air conditioner and etc. In this way employees can see it’s profitable as a group to produce better performance.
Like R&D will generate better performance in long run, consistent investment in relation to how all employees as one unit is doing will produce better work environment and better performance.

C. Automacy & Easy contact with colleagues
Easy contact will mean largely convenient touchpoints to contact colleagues or boss.



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