BizD 13 The last and the first

13. The last blog | Summer, Thesis, First job

1. Summer job
I am thrilled to work at Teague aviation studion in Everett boeing building for this summer. Happy, in same time nervous to showcase me.

1-1. Before June 4th, my first day to Teague

a. research on teague including their various clients as well as aviation industry
b. practice CAD skills which i didn’t pay much in this semester

1-2. At there
a. Do all I can to be involved in the design process and get to know Teague and Boeing.
b. Get time for touring the assembly plant and learn as much as I can about the way planes are c. built and the political structure at Boeing that supports the divisions.
c. Meet many designers from different companies including Microsoft, and learn through conversations.

2. My thesis next year 
Back to my studio with the insights from my summer internship at Teague,
I ‘d like to explore the holistic flight experience in passengers viewpoint. Here are some rough ideas:
“What aspects could be designed to facilitate holistic flight experience. How physical space could influence people’s journey experience. How an in flight entertainment(IFE) system could change peoples’ flight experience. How might we could transform debugs into interesting aspects of the flight, so long haul flights go fast.”

In marketing class, Christopher gave us a tip to follow our competitor’s page on social media. Learning from that tip, I started following some airlines on facebook. I Liked some airlines to get updated, and it does help me to stay on the edge.

Last few months two airlines striked me: VIrgin america and Qatar Airways.Virgin america is receiving great feedback from customers with their consistent branding including their stylized interior, lighting, IFE system; touch screen where you can chat with other passengers, order drinks & food and more.Qatar Airways is the flag carrier of Qatar,headquartered in Doha, founded in 1993. Less than 10 years, they put their name on one of the top 5 airlines according to official skytrax ranking.
Their website has interesting website It has a journey map-ish menu taps that shows each steps that most passengers would go through in the actual flight experience. I am guessing this type of website design would facilitate passenger’s holistic flight experience.

3. First job.

I ‘d like to work for the company that actually makes tangible customer goods on the market either products or services with their creative input. So generally I‘d prefer working inside corporations than design consultancies. As my interest in flight experience illustrates, i am very interested in human mobility, fluidity and travel. My dream works would be BMW, Virgin America, volkswagen, Google(Google is working for new platform for travel), Microsoft, and Apple. * Boeing, Nasa, and virgin Atlantic was also dreamdream places but they only hire US citizen.

Even though i said i prefer corporations for my job, I do love to work for Teague. They are design consultancy with huge/major client boeing but they also help small airlines developing their business and they do various projects other than aviation. Given the company’s culture i am confident that i can learn a lot about working as a designer as well as developing unique experience in aviation industry as long as I design well and communicate well.



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