IxD theory 14

14. How  the course ‘interaction theory. 2012. CCA. Arna lonescu’ has affected my perspective as a designer.

A. Not organized. Maybe. >> Clear.
Human centered design and Interaction design.
B. Industry specific  >>  Across industry. Applicable.

A. The biggest fruit though this class was establishing a bigger picture of interaction and getting a broad picture of my interests happened last couple years.
I stepped into the design world through industrial design focusing on human centered design and user research.  Then I found interaction design and now here I am focusing interaction design.
Some stages in my years so far, I was not sure whether I can speak out that my snippets of interests including education and human centered design make sense in a bigger picture. Now i can confidently say that user centered is the essence of the interaction design and we speak for users. I know what i am doing and i know how to say to people what why i am doing.

B. For long, I thought interaction designers need expertise and insights developed over experience in certain industry. Some designers kindly told me the skills and insights we develop over different projects can be all applied to different industries. I didn’t believe them fully. Yet my mindset changed over this semester.
Skills and empathy I develop as an interaction designer is not industry specific. Yes, the experience would benefit me in a way but it’s not necessary. skills, tools to discover insights I develop over a project could  can be all applied to different industries.


One thought on “IxD theory 14

  1. Thanks for sharing your reflection about what you learned in this course. It’s been great having you in the course and please keep in touch!


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