BizD 13 The last and the first

13. The last blog | Summer, Thesis, First job

1. Summer job
I am thrilled to work at Teague aviation studion in Everett boeing building for this summer. Happy, in same time nervous to showcase me.

1-1. Before June 4th, my first day to Teague

a. research on teague including their various clients as well as aviation industry
b. practice CAD skills which i didn’t pay much in this semester

1-2. At there
a. Do all I can to be involved in the design process and get to know Teague and Boeing.
b. Get time for touring the assembly plant and learn as much as I can about the way planes are c. built and the political structure at Boeing that supports the divisions.
c. Meet many designers from different companies including Microsoft, and learn through conversations.

2. My thesis next year 
Back to my studio with the insights from my summer internship at Teague,
I ‘d like to explore the holistic flight experience in passengers viewpoint. Here are some rough ideas:
“What aspects could be designed to facilitate holistic flight experience. How physical space could influence people’s journey experience. How an in flight entertainment(IFE) system could change peoples’ flight experience. How might we could transform debugs into interesting aspects of the flight, so long haul flights go fast.”

In marketing class, Christopher gave us a tip to follow our competitor’s page on social media. Learning from that tip, I started following some airlines on facebook. I Liked some airlines to get updated, and it does help me to stay on the edge.

Last few months two airlines striked me: VIrgin america and Qatar Airways.Virgin america is receiving great feedback from customers with their consistent branding including their stylized interior, lighting, IFE system; touch screen where you can chat with other passengers, order drinks & food and more.Qatar Airways is the flag carrier of Qatar,headquartered in Doha, founded in 1993. Less than 10 years, they put their name on one of the top 5 airlines according to official skytrax ranking.
Their website has interesting website It has a journey map-ish menu taps that shows each steps that most passengers would go through in the actual flight experience. I am guessing this type of website design would facilitate passenger’s holistic flight experience.

3. First job.

I ‘d like to work for the company that actually makes tangible customer goods on the market either products or services with their creative input. So generally I‘d prefer working inside corporations than design consultancies. As my interest in flight experience illustrates, i am very interested in human mobility, fluidity and travel. My dream works would be BMW, Virgin America, volkswagen, Google(Google is working for new platform for travel), Microsoft, and Apple. * Boeing, Nasa, and virgin Atlantic was also dreamdream places but they only hire US citizen.

Even though i said i prefer corporations for my job, I do love to work for Teague. They are design consultancy with huge/major client boeing but they also help small airlines developing their business and they do various projects other than aviation. Given the company’s culture i am confident that i can learn a lot about working as a designer as well as developing unique experience in aviation industry as long as I design well and communicate well.

BizD 12 ideal company culture

12. Ideal company culture


A. Purpose driven company.
not performance driven nor time driven but the purpose driven company.I hope there is a channel that every employee can see how their mundane task is contributing to the company’s purpose.

B. Cultivating the community

As i mentioned before, I hope employees can see the meaning of their tasks, and in same time they can see the tangible benefit of their hard works as a organization. Not limited to their personal  paychecks but more as a group.

One dream I envision is 1/10 of company’s revenue, after paying all the employee’s salary, goes to the budget for cultivating community. I may be used to host a dinner party or purchasing better couch at the lunch room, better desks, air conditioner and etc. In this way employees can see it’s profitable as a group to produce better performance.
Like R&D will generate better performance in long run, consistent investment in relation to how all employees as one unit is doing will produce better work environment and better performance.

C. Automacy & Easy contact with colleagues
Easy contact will mean largely convenient touchpoints to contact colleagues or boss.

BizD 11 Creativity & copyright

11 From the debate (link below), why Larry Lessig is right

To start with, every creative product has and should have the opportunity for copyright protection. However the copyrights should not be exactly the same as property rights.
Internet became like a default of our life, and internet has brought us revolution in communications technology which rendered the procedures of creation and production differently.
In digital production age, most of new creative work deals with technology. Many products and services would overlap with other products as a nature of the interaction happening among people. Today, new creation It’s not all of sudden invention. We create upon someone else’s creative works. A successful creativity shines, in most cases, when it has common aspect of exiting ideas because that clicks the users and appeal to the user in easy way. Also money maker in market is changing and the meaning and usage of a control in industry is changing. Even companies have less control over customers,  or I’d like to call as users. Recently we’ve seen many business using a concept of co-ownership, which is a great trend that shows how market is changing.
While new trends along with wired culture opens up a new mode of innovation,  too much control exercised by a relatively concentrated industry does harm innovation.


I have to confess that I couldn’t fully understand the debate yet, largely due to the language barriers on this particular area  and my meticulous characteristic over issue related to law, justices, and society. I’ve watched the video and was not sure and now i am reading the debate script trying to fully understand.Thanks!

BizD 10 My CEO quit however…

BizD 10 what you would do if you were an employee of Goldman Sachs who didn’t have the option of quitting – what would you say to your clients, friends and family after they read the Greg Smith essay?

What i would say :

It is true that we do have strugglings  as a huge organization. I see the biggest problem is lack a strong leader who can lead the leaders in our company.
Over time my company, Goldman Sachs became giant in our industry. More complicated projects, more things to consider in order to win in the market creating benefit for both our client and us. As things complicated we tried to check us doing well in simple way to checking the profits.
I see a leaders need two scope of leadership: micro and macro.
I think Greg was suffering in looking the lack of macro leadership in some of our leaders, but he missed to see the hope in us. We will consider his rent to improve who we are today and who we want to be in ten years considering both in micro and macro scope.

*  Goldman Sachs executive director Greg Smith has called the atmosphere at the massive investment bank(IB) “as toxic and destructive as I have ever seen it.”
and also said “The firm has veered so far from the place I joined right out of college that I can no longer in good conscience say that I identify with what it stands for,” in his resignation letter.

BizD 10-2 Quit!?

How does leader ‘quit’
– Leadership and stepping down 

After reading Greg smith’s resigning essay, I seriously wonder what kind of leadership is to quit. How i should view a leader who chose to work away out the organization like Greg Smith did. In a way, it means “I can’t fix this”, “I  don’t see the hope in this organization”, ”it’s not profitable to pour the effort to fix it, so i chose not to fix but leave”, or “I am giving up the organization/community”.
In other end, it can be strongest statement invoking attention the organization need to way to report to people creating a chance to consider to fix the organization.

Yes. As Jeremy Girard mentioned in his/her article, with great power comes great responsibility and great responsibility also comes great headaches.
I recall the former president of korea Roh Moo-hyun. He  was a self-taught lawyer who lifted himself out of poverty to reach the nation’s highest office, Roh prided himself on his clean record in a country with a long history of corruption. He served as president from 2003 to 2008. In may 2009, he was having hard time with a corruption scandal that tarnished his image as a “clean” politician. He jumped to his death while hiking in the mountains behind his rural home.

It was shocking to me to see how he ended his leadership story. I see he must have deadly hard time but looking a national figure who was once a decision maker of whole country quitting his life like that was extremely sad and disappointing. Also it raised me a question of quitting and leadership.

Leaders like CEO, CFO, CPO, and more.can be different that figure like ex-president. However CFO must have dealt with a large amount of people and organizational culture in the process of becoming a leader. It’s all human matters.

Since i was young, I’ve heard  that knowing when to leave, when to step down is beautiful thing. How one know when to stop when other people is not wanting me to quit. I want to explore more actionable advice about quitting one’s position as leader in a organization.

BizD 09 Community, Environment and Finance

08 How can a designer contribute to a company’s financial discussions?

Designers can provide different perspectives & prototype skills to incorporate community and environment to finance .

Increased awareness of corporate malpractice in community and environmental area requires more sensitive and emotional perspective in rolling the money.

Designer may bring different perspective on community culture on how people value. This perspectives may allow company to find  potential loss by also checking non cliche scenarios such as extreme users that company should consider in budgeting.

In other aspect, designer were trained to make prototype to get more feedback in order to improve the final design to put on market. Maybe company can use this skill of quick prototyping to measure what degree the company should spend considering the the community and environment. For example designers can create some type of semi-working(fake) website that embodies a logic of a company’s budget on environment, of course not mentioning the company, and see how people react to those.

BizD 08 consumer decision journey – bond

08 Blog on a recent experience you had buying something and relate that experience to the “consumer decision journey” explained in Edelman’s article.

Recently I bought a skincare from Origins. I am a type of person who believe in brand in many case. From my previous experience, I developed bond strong enough to skipped the consider stage.Their coupon over my birthday and for Christmas help me to develop bond towards brand.

After couple purchases i advocate for the brand which also represent my skincare. For ladies in my culture, skincare means more than other products, It represent large part of my beauty aspect, so the way how brand represent themselves to the media may influence my image. Hence I care how they promote the brand and if they do something awful i am willing to complain them as well as introduce their good products to my friends.

BizD 07 Qs to the founder of Architecture for Humanity

1. If someone ask you today ” How do you define an architecture?”

2. How do you define ‘sustainability’  and ‘sustainable business’?
* I liked you saying ” when you live on hour dollars a day, you’re living on survival and you have to be sustainable.  you have to know where your resource is coming from”

3. Have you ever thought about homeless developing sustainable living in urban setting since they are living on survival and they do find enough resource in city from what other people abandoned (California has big number & culture of homeless people thanks to nice climate) ?
Cameron Sinclair on TED / Architecture for Humanity

BizD 06 “keep it fluid”

06 Entrepreneurs or startup employees need to “keep it fluid” Why?

In a simple words, we don’t know until we sell whether it will make profit or not. Society change, culture change, people change, and our customer change. Hence we need to be flexible and one business model should be open to be changed.

One of the key findings of ONSET Ventures is that a common source of failure occurred when one committed to a business model too early. Business model is not a goal but a tool to pursue what they want. It cannot be a purpose itself. People must have spent a great deal of energy and time to develop their business model which makes people want to stick with their business model strongly believing that will work. However how much they’ve spent or how strong they believe doesn’t influence the changing people and culture out there.

Especially in the startup’s perspective we don’t know who will purchase our goods or services. In the process of developing new business employees create virtual customers in other words target customer. It’s always an hypothesis until the sales record prove it. It is essential to change at least once before it is ready for market.