Empathy for physical pain. A little bit more.

The last couple of days I had a spasm around the left side of my neck and shoulder that hindered me from sleeping and living my day actively as I wanted. Now I have recovered and am all good.

This pain-experience taught me that I had overlooked my mom’s physical pain. Sometimes my mom says her shoulder or calf is uncomfortable and that she can’t sleep. When she says those things, I worry about her and send her my love but don’t think I fully understood the physical pain that my beloved mom was having. Now I can understand what she goes through better. A little bit better.

Yes, I believe there’s a lot of physical pain that I don’t yet know how others must feel; like what our parents and grandparents must live with everyday that they don’t get much empathy for from their kids. I’m thankful for my recovery, but more thankful for this chance to understand the physical pain of my people.