As a senior in CCA’s graduate Design program, I am exploring the interaction surrounding commercial flight experience. The fact that people are constantly moving makes me interested in human mobility and has led me to explore interaction around transportation. This drove me to develop the following line of thesis inquiry: How might I improve flight experience incorporating a user-centered design approach? What insights can be found by understanding how passengers perceive flight experience from airport A to airport B, including pre-flight experience, and how can I make a more delightful flight experience?

Thesis statement. 
The next innovation in flight experience could come from the delight of human interaction, and social information share. For the purpose of the project I am limiting my research to domestic leisure travelers and narrowing down to preflight after TSA wait time. I want to develop the best possible pre-flight wait time for *romantic utilitarian domestic travelers.
Integrating wait time into a larger experience of the travel through facilitated passenger recommendation/ information share allows wait time to be become a part of the process of learning and discovery in travel.
Relevant resource 
Airline Rankings

SeatGru  pick seat first then the cheapest ticket


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