2011 fall at CCA |  By Brenda Laurel, LiAnne Yu, Long Jiao, Pam Paradiso

Design research emphasizes learning about people, systems and situations and developing insights to inform and inspire design. Students will learn to plan, conduct, analyze and synthesize research that provides a clear perspective on a specific population’s needs or desires. Students will use this perspective to identify design opportunities at a conceptual level. _______________________________________________________________________

  1. Blogging assignment: What, if any, experience do you have with design research and what do you hope to learn from this course?
  2. Blogging assignment: After reading “The Discipline of Teams,” post response to these questions on your blog: “What kind of team member are you? What types of contributions can you make to a design research team?”
  3. Based on what you’ve read, why do you think ethnography has become an important component of design research?
  4. Talk about any assumptions and stereotypes you may admit to have about your target recruit for your group project.  Then discuss how you plan on making sure your own biases don’t get in the way.
  5. Blog on 1-2 new ideas you have for creating participatory tools or other novel approaches that might be useful in your research project
  6. What are the major pitfalls to avoid when it comes to interviewing?
  7. Example of good data organization (a website where large amounts of information is easy to find and access – in this case “information” can be music, art, products, data, etc). What makes this organization work for you? Be sure you link to the website you cite.
  8. Visit Information is Beautiful. (click title to follow link) Find an infographic you like and blog about why you like it. Be sure to link to the Infographic you like.

  9. How are you and your team incorporating techniques like mode mapping and personas into your research plan?
  10. Blog on your favorite presentation from Pecha-Kucha (be sure to include a link to it in your blog). What makes this good storytelling?
  11. Blog on apprehensions or concerns you have about final presentation
  12. Blog on best/worst parts of this course and how it can be improved
  13. END//



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