Don Norman
Jakob Nielsen’s 10 general principles for interaction design
BMW DesignworksUSA
Clifford Nass Founder and co-director of CARS at Stanford University
Double Dimond Process

Designing for people (1955)
by Henry Dreyfuss who actively worked as industrial designer in 30′-40′. Dreyfuss was not a stylist: he applied common sense and a scientific approach to design problems.
After World War II, Dreyfuss helped Lockheed convert military planes for civilian aviation. He also designed the interior of the 707 for Boeing.

UX Design resource
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Editable fields 

How aircraft is built by Embraer

Aerospace Industries Association- Events, Regulations, Laws
Biz perspective – Bain & Company – Aerospace & Defense

[Aerospace industry]
a.Boeing products-
Commercial,Business,Freighter,Defense space&Security
737(1967~1998 New generation)/ 747(467) / 767(181, 218,245) / 787(210-290) /
b. Airbus products-
Passenger,Corporate,Freighter, Military
-twin aisle – 380:525(double deck) / 350 (270-350) / 340(239-380) / 330(253-295) / 300(228-254), 310(187) seats
-single aisle – 320:150, 321:185, 319:124, 318:107seats
c.Embraer products- Commercial,Executive,Agricultural,Defense and security
Bombardier products Commercial, Business, Amphibious
* Canadair Regional Jet CRJ100, 200: 50 seats, 700:70, 705:75, 900:90, 1000:100 seats. (On Delta’s site)

[ Airlines ]
Reviews, Categories of services, Ranking, Seat pitch

* IFE system : In Flight Entertainment system
-1985 the first personal audio player was offered to passengers

Plane + car A driveable aircraft -designed to fold its wings, enabling it to be driven like a car. Pilot Anna Mracek Dietrich. team at Terrafugia, in Massachusetts.

Social +
KLM : 2012, Facebook or LinkedIn

[Urban Transportation]
By 2050, an estimated 80% will live in cities. Between 1990 and 2007, transportation-related emissions increased by a third, while emissions from other sectors decreased. .

BiomegaCopenhagen-based, Danish brand of designer bicycles.

vehicle infrastructure
Coulomb Technologies
– an electric vehicle infrastructure company. Partner with Ford.
Based in Campbell, California. Founded in 2007 by Richard Lowenthal (CEO) and Praveen Mandal.
Elektromotive – UK. Specializing in the manufacture and installation of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles. Partnerships with Mercedes-Benz and more to supply charging posts and data services.

Space travel – Virgingalactic

High-speed rail (HSR)

Japan(First country to develop HSR tech) – Shinkanzen, MLU001,2,  MLX01(581km/h)
France – V150(574.8km/h) , TGV
Germany – TR 07
Italy – ETR 500-x
UK – Eurostar
Spain – Ave
Korea-  HSR-350x(KTX)
Taiwan – 700T series
China – China Star, CRH3, CRH380AL, CHR 380BL

California High Speed Train:

Maglev (magnetic levitation)

Maglev transport is a means of flying a vehicle or object along a guideway by using magnets to create both lift and thrust, only a few inches above the guideway surface.- lifted off their guideway and thus are claimed to move more smoothly and quietly and require less maintenance than wheeled mass transit systems. High reliability and extremely low maintenance.
The highest recorded speed:  581 km/h (361 mph), Japan by the CJR’s MLX01.

Two commercial maglev transport systems presently in operation -China(Shanghai) , Japan(HSST “Linimo” line)
Two low speed maglev lines under construction – Korea(Seoul’s Incheon Airport.) and China(Beijing)

London Underground Design Guidelines


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